Afridi Miadad tussel turned obnoxious

KARACHI: The war of words between legendary batsmen Javed Miandad and  star all-rounder Shahid Afridi with allegations and counter allegation now seems taking uglier turn as Shahid Afridi has decided to move to court against Miandad over the match fixing allegations.

On Sunday while responding to a question regarding Javed Miandad’s comment that Afridi wanted farewell game only for money, Afridi  said that money had always been an issue for Javed Miandad. It did not suit a legendary cricketer like Miandad to pass such ‘irresponsible’ comments, he had commented.

Afridi said people loved him a lot and it doesn’t matter to him much whether he gets the farewell game or not.

Reacting on the controversial remarks passed by Shahid Afridi, legendary batsman Javed Miandad had hit back with some serious match fixing allegations against Afridi.

Miandad alleged that Afridi had fixed matches and sold Pakistan team, calming that the whole team had fixed matches.

Had money been an issue for him he would not have left the team, said Miandad.

Though Afridi later regretted his remarks after being harshly cirticized by former cricketers and fans on social and mainstream media. Afridi in a tweet had said that he regretted what he said about Miandad. Maindad is legend but he must not have  passed improper remark against him, Afridi added.

Sources said that despite regretting his remarks against Miandad the start all-rounder had decided to move to the court against Miandad for levelling fixing allegation. They said that if Miandad retracted his allegation, the issue could be sorted out mutually. In case Miandad did not retract his allegation he would move to the court, they added.

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