Afghanistan,Pakistan agree on ceasefire along Torkham border,says Abdullah Abdullah

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Chief Executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to observe a ceasefire along the Torkham border and solve the dispute through diplomatic means.“We have agreed on a ceasefire with Pakistan and hope this problem will be resolved through diplomatic efforts,” Tolo TV quoted Dr Abdullah as telling Afghan council of ministers.

He confirmed that one border soldier was killed and six others wounded in clashes against Pakistan last night, adding that Pakistan also incurred casualties.“Pakistan wanted to build new installations and Afghan Border Forces didn’t allow it. In response, Pakistan opened fire on Afghan Forces,” Abdullah said.

The Afghan chief executive said Kabul had taken up the matter through diplomatic channels but “Pakistan didn’t act upon the mutual agreement reached between both countries.”

Pakistan and Afghan forces exchanged fire late Sunday over construction on the Pakistani side of the border.

Officials in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province have confirmed that a border police official was killed and six others injured during the two-hour long skirmishes with Pakistani security forces late Monday. According to Pakistan Army, one soldier was injured when Afghan forces fired shells at the border posts.

Local officials in Khyber Agency said several civilians were among those injured who were admitted to Landikotal hospital.

A Pakistan Army statement said late Sunday that the Afghan forces started firing after Pakistan started construction of a gate on its own side of the border as a “necessity to check unwanted and illegal movement of terrorists through Torkham.”


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