Afghan intel using refugees to disrupt peace in Balochistan: Bugti

QUETTA: Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti Thursday said that security agencies have arrested six operatives of Afghan intelligence agencies, Neo Tv reported.“The accused were involved in attacking FC personnel and citizens,” Sarfaraz Bugti told a news conference in Quetta.He said the Afghan refugees are disrupting peace in the province. “Enough is enough, we can no longer host Afghan refugees. They would have to return to their country,” he said. Bugti also also displayed the confession video of the suspects.

An accused, identified as Abdul Wahab, confessed that he spread unrest in Quetta. He said that the operatives were provided Rs 2 lac and 50 thousand for killing while Rs 80 thousand was granted for carrying out bomb blast.The accused arrested said that he was directed by an officer of Afghan Intelligence to conduct terrorist activities. “We get training in Faizi camp to carry out bombing,” he added

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