Afghan apology lead to reopening of Chaman border gate by Pakistan

CHAMAN :Movement across the border has begun between Afghanistan and Pakistan on Thursday at Chaman gate after tensions continuing for around 14 days were dissolved.

As soon as Bab-e-Dosti was re-opened today, score of people moved out of Afghanistan to enter Pakistan for trade activities while a load of trucks was seen moving as well.

The gate was shut on August 18 after Afghanistan citizens pelted it with stones and set Pakistani flag ablaze as a sign of disrespect. Afghanistan authorities were complained to about the issue and were expected to take required steps but to Pakistan’s displeasure, no action was taken.

Authorities in Pakistan announced to not allow movement at the border and keep the gate shut until Afghanistan apologizes in black and white.

Around four flag meetings were convened by troops of the two sides but ended without any progress. However, during the last meeting of the series which was held on Wednesday, Colonel Muhammad Ali of Afghanistan forces formally forwarded an apology letter to Colonel Changez of Pakistan.

It is to be noted here that at least 20,000 to 25,000 persons move across the border every day at Chaman gate.

Most of these persons are residents of Chaman who enter Afghanistan during the day for business purposes in Wesh city and return to Pakistan by evening.

Taliban chief, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor who was killed in a United States drone strike near Nushki of Balochistan on May 21 was revealed to have a Pakistan citizenship card by the name of Muhammad Wali and enrolled as a voter in Chaman.

However, no local claimed that he had seen him in the area ever. Analysts claimed that Mansoor would have been a user of the border gate near Chaman.


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