Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s 1286th Birth Anniversary’s Celebrations Start

Karachi: Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s death anniversary celebrations are starting today. Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad Khan inaugurated the celebrations of the great Saint’s anniversary.

The 1286th anniversary celebrations of Hazraz Abdullah Shah Ghazi will start today. Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad Khan along with Deputy Mayor Karachi Arshad Vohra, inaugurated 3 days celebration of the anniversary. Dr. Ishratul Ibad wreath and offered prayers at the shrine.

Followers have started to gather at the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi to participate in anniversary celebrations. Additional police force has been installed in the courtyard of the shrine for the security purposes.

While talking to media, Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad said that Abdullah Shah Ghazi preached love, fraternity and brotherhood. We should follow his teachings.

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