Russia issues boarding passes to stranded Pakistani traders

Russian authorities have issued boarding passes to the stranded Pakistani traders in Moscow, local media reported on Thursday.

According to details, the traders will reach Dubai from where they will depart for their respective cities through different flight.

Traders from Karachi will reach their city through flight EK 604. Traders from Lahore will reach their city through flight EK 624. Those from Islamabad will reach their city through PK 7640 at 4:50am on Friday.

Earlier, 84 Pakistani traders were detained by Russian authorities at Moscow airport for eight hours over incomplete documentation.

According to reports circulating on social media, around 150 Pakistani businessmen were taken to Russia by a private company to take part in an exhibition; however, the authorities at the Moscow airport detained at least 84 of them without citing any reason for their detention.

A video posted on a social media website shows the group of men being kept in a small room complaining they have not been given any reason for their detention.

“Some Turkish nationals who were also held by the authorities were later allowed to leave,” a man in the video said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Russia Qazi Khalilullah said the Pakistan Embassy in Moscow is negotiating with the Russian authorities for their release.

“A Pakistan embassy official is at the airport to negotiate with the Russian authorities for the release of these men,” he said.


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