$79 Endless Mini aims to reach billions without PCs

There are still billions of people in the world who don’t have a personal computer. The Endless Mini is for them.

The new ball-shaped computer from Endless is a $79 machine aimed at bringing the next four billion people into the information age, said Matt Dalio, CEO and chief of product at Endless. He showed off the Endless Mini at the 2016 International CES, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas last week.

Dalio, who spoke with VentureBeat in an interview, started the company in 2012 to create a fully functional desktop PC with an elegant design. It looks like a small bowling ball, with a strip of color, and isn’t intimidating. The PC supports the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards and is built to work in regions where there are low-bandwidth broadband connections, or regions without access to the Internet.

The Endless Mini comes with 100 preloaded applications, like Wikipedia. All that you need to get started is a keyboard, mouse, and some kind of monitor — most will use their TV as a monitor. Storage is available in two options: 24GB or 32GB (for $20 extra). The machine has an ARM Cortex-A processor (Amlogic S805 quadcore), 1GB of random access memory, three USB ports, HDMI output, composite video output, an Ethernet port, and its own Linux-based operating system, dubbed Endless OS.

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