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61 organisations banned, JuD under observation since 2005

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Interior Balighur Rehman told Senate on Friday that Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) has been under observation since December 1, 2005 while 61 other organisations have been banned.

He said any organisation found involved in terrorism and extremism would not be allowed to operate in the country and that under the National Action Plan (NAP), the ministry and provincial governments had taken appropriate measures to stop banned outfits from re-emerging with new names. The state minister said two organisations, Al-Akhtar Trust and Al-Rashid Trust, were listed under “UNSCR 1267”. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan warned Friday that for every SIM used in a terrorist attack, two FIRs will be registered, one against the culprit and the other against the telecommunications company that issued it.

Nisar again told National Assembly (NA) that helpline 1717 has been set up for complaints against clerics involved in propagating extremism. He was briefing the House on the workings of his ministry. “I am humbled by the positive comments and criticism coupled with remedial solutions submitted by the opposition from time to time, which led my ministry to perform better,” Nisar said while announcing that a new passport office will be established in Balochistan’s Sehrani district by June 2016. He said his ministry will now focus on bringing reforms in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) after having consulted all stakeholders, including the armed forces. “I am responsible for the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP), and soon again I will be briefing the Upper House. However, be mindful that the performance of Interior Ministry has nothing to do with NAP,” Khan added.

Speaking about Exit Control List (ECL), Nisar said, “Since 35 years, 51,000 people had been blacklisted, including 10,000 citizens who were put on the list either by the influence of the minister concerned or the intelligence agencies.” He said an agent of long-gone Al Zulfikar gang was found listed along with a Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) worker. Under the new rules, Nisar said anyone being investigated by the law enforcement agencies will be listed on ECL for not more than a year, while people under trial will not remain listed for over three years, and once a person is arrested, their name will be removed from it.

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