4-year-old boy’s sacrifice to appease goddess

ANDHRA PRADESH: A four-year-old boy has been used in a gruesome instance of human sacrifice to Hindu Goddess Kali in India.The little boy was abducted from his daycare centre in the district in the district of Andhra Pradesh state.

The boy’s mother went to pick up her son from daycare when he was told he was taken by a man named Tirumala Rao.The 35-year-old severed the head of the child and offered his blood to Goddess Kali seeking “divine powers”.Villagers claimed Rao performed black magic as he believed he would attain divine powers and wealth.Police tracked down the accused and found the weapon he used to kill the boy at his home.

“We found a rope from the residence which the accused might have used to strangle the boy,” local police said.

“We will interrogate Rao once he recovers.”

When local villagers found out what Rao did, they tied him to a tree, poured kerosene over him and set him on fire.He was taken to hospital by elders and suffered 40 percent burns on his body.

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