250,000 infants born with foot disabilities every year world-wide

Approximately 2,50,000 infants born with foot disabilities each year world-wide out of which 80 percent such cases are reported from developing countries and if these new-born children remain untreated, it cause permanent disabilities, humiliation as affectees remain less productive human and have meager opportunity to live a decent life and yet, it is easily and cheaply treated without surgery, this was revealed by health experts on Thursday.

They shared these statistics while addressing the four-day 3rd International Biennial Paeds Orthopedicon 2016 held at Najamuddin Auditorium, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. Focal Person Ponseti International Pakistan, Professor Anisuddin Bhatti, Dr Shereen M. Narejo, Professor Ali Muhammad Ansari, Director Ponseti International Professor Jose Morcuende and Professor M Amin Chinoy spoke on this occasion.

Focal Person, Ponseti International Pakistan & Chairman Organising Committee, Professor Anisuddin Bhatt said that around 7000 new-born every year have clubfoot, out of them only five to 10 percent are treated early without surgery, while others remain untreated, neglected, late treated and they are left with stiff, short painful feet for the life.

He informed that Poseti International Association is an international organisation working on early, non-surgical intervention of clubfeet management.

He said at present the organisation is working in many countries including Pakistan. He said Ponseti method treat new born, with an especial protocol of treatment and this method is non-surgical, easy, effective, cheep and correct which has 95 percent success rate than any other program practised in world.

Professor Bhatti said technique for clubfeet treatment is being practiced all over Pakistan by Orthopedic surgeons. He said at present 24 clubfeet treatment centers working in Pakistan including Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Indus Hospital Karachi, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Civil Hospital Karachi, Civil Hospital Hyderabad and Children Hospital Lahore.

Professor Jose Morcuende appreciated the efforts of Pakistani doctors for treatment of this disease and establishment of club foot clinics countrywide. Conference will continue till March 20.

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