InfraStructure:Pakistan declared as the most attractive country

Pakistan’s developing infrastructure may be disliked by its own people but there are praises all across for it. International institution “Emerging Markets” has declared Pakistan  as the most attractive country of South Asia for its Infrastructure development.

International institution has awarded Pakistan for successful investments in projects of economic corridor, energy and transport.

According to Ministry of Development and Planning,the International institution “Emerging Markets” has declared Pakistan infrastructurally as the most developed state of South Asia.  “Emerging Markets”  isa part of World Bank and IMF and a well renowned research institution .

“Emerging Markets” awarded Pakistan for its CPEC projects, LNG Pipeline, construction of industrial zones in the country and energy projects.

Award ceremony held last night in Washington. and Federal Minister of Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal was invited to receive award. Pakistan diplomat Jalil Abas Jilani received the award instead of Ahsan Iqbal, due to his absence.

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