Qandeel Baloch shot dead in Multan

MULTAN: Internet ace Qandeel Baloch was shot dead on Saturday in Multan.

First reports indicate her brother shot dead the celebrity cum model. Her brother over honour killed “Baloch in Muzaffarabad’s Green Town region,” told RPO.

Baloch hadn’t revealed her place because of security threats, the official added.

The web ace had previously promised she had sought protection and was receiving death threats.

In television interviews, Aashiq Hussain of Kot Addu maintained on Wednesday that he was married to Baloch.

Baloch confessed that she’d married but was divorced shortly after the interview appeared on television. Nevertheless, both sides gave contradictory reports of the union.

Baloch said she was 17 years old the violent marriage finished in annually and when she wed.

“He tortured me day and night ” Baloch said. After annually, I sought safety in Darul Aman.” and ran away with my son.

She went to say that while Hussain has not been contacted by her after their divorce, she’ll fight for guardianship of her son when he fell ill whom she gave up because she cannot afford treatment.

“ I have the letters which she wrote with her blood he promised. “She needed bungalow and a car ”

That is a story that is developing and will be upgraded accordingly.

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