143,368 people to perform Hajj this year

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has distributed three per cent hardship quota of Government Hajj Scheme among parliamentarians and people on equitable regional basis.

According to official sources, the successful applicants of hardship quota could submit their relevant documents by August 23. Elaborating the category of hardship quota of 2581, the sources said the employees of corporate entities, public sector organisations, labour/low paid employees are adjusted in the hardship cases, Hardship/broken families including a child or newly born infant, whose parents are going for Hajj and intend to carry their children with them.

A person, who intends to perform Hajj with his/her dependents including old parents/family, the intending Hujjaj of far flung areas, who has no access to print or electronic media, other means of communications and any other hardship which the committee recommends unanimously for reserved seats.

The ministry had received over 13,000 applications against the hardship quota in Government Hajj Scheme. As many as 143,368 people will perform Hajj this year, including 71,684 through government scheme. This year over 175,000 persons were deprived from performing Hajj in government scheme due to availability of limited number of seats for intending pilgrims.

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