14 reasons you should buy an Xbox One right now

The Xbox One is heating up.

In the last couple of months, Microsoft’s third video game console has benefited from both major game releases and major system updates, including the new assortment of Windows 10-powered features collectively known as the “new Xbox One Experience.” As a result, the Xbox One actually passed Sony’s PlayStation 4 in monthly sales in October – a rare feat for Microsoft.

If you don’t have an Xbox One yet, now’s the best time to buy one. Check out all the details.

- It’s now backward compatible with a growing library of Xbox 360 games

Thanks to the major “Xbox One Experience” update, the Xbox One can now play your old Xbox 360 games. Any games you bought digitally automatically show up in your current collection, and all your progress and old save files will transfer over, too. If you own a physical copy of the game, you just slip the disc into your Xbox and the correct version will download from Xbox Live. This also works for those games’ expansions, downloadable content, and achievements.
- It’s a game console, plus a cord-cutting solution

You don’t need an extra set-top box to enjoy TV and movies if you have an Xbox One. It supports an array of video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, ESPN, and Twitch, , and it can also play your Blu-ray discs and media from your storage devices via USB. You can even make Skype calls over your Xbox if you have the Kinect accessory (more on that later). And it’s super easy to switch back and forth between different content.

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