125 trees to be relocated inside Lahore

LAHORE (Neo Web Desk) Lahore Development Authority and its subsidiary- Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency – have started uprooting trees and digging roads for executing the Rs1.5 billion Signal-Free Corridor Project.Under the plan, 196 trees will be uprooted and cut on the project route (Gulberg-Liberty roundabout to Shadman’s Fawara Chowk via Jail Road.The project has been the talk of the town for the last four months after its execution was challenged in the Lahore High Court by the civil society that termed it a futile exercise. It also resisted felling of trees for implementing the project. On the other hand, the LDA stuck to its stance, claiming that the project was the need of the hour to resolve various civic issues.“Of 196 trees, 125 have been identified for transplantation at various locations. And for the rest of 71 trees, we have no option except to cut them, because they cannot be uprooted or transplanted,” LDA Chief Engineer Israr Saeedsaid on Sunday.He said besides this, 1,300 new trees (each of 7 to 8 feet height) would also be planted.According to a report, four trees would be cut/uprooted from Qartaba Chowk to Eden Centre section of Jail Road. Here is a plan to plant 130 new trees. From Eden Centre to Shadman Chowk section, no tree will be cut. However, 90 new trees will be planted here. At Shadman Chowk to Canal section, 27 trees will be uprooted. The LDA claims to plant 170 new trees at this stretch. At Gulberg main boulevard (Fawara Chowk to Main Market crossing), 61 trees will be cut/uprooted, whereas 175 trees will be planted. From Main Market crossing to Liberty roundabout, 65 trees will be cut and 275 new will be planted. From Shadman Chowk to Shadman Market, 30 new trees will replace 11 trees. From Shadman Chowk to GOR Chowk, 27 trees will be cut and 130 will be planted.It merits mentioning that work on the signal-free project was resumed after Eidul Fitr holidays following prolonged litigation.“Since the project delayed because of litigation, we are now scheduled to complete it by Oct 30,” LDA Chief Engineer Mr Israr Saeed said.

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