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11 Pakistani celebrities resemble with Iconic cartoon characters

1. Danish Taimur as Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty 

Danish has both the skills and the looks to portray Prince Phillip. He may be seen mostly in aggressive roles but Danish is capable of playing the love interest of Princess Aurora in Disney’s very famous, Sleeping Beauty.


2. Adnan Malik as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid 

Adnan could effortlessly play the character of an accomplished mariner and a perfect lover or ‘prince charming’ as they say.


3. Sheheryar Siddiqui in  Aladdin 

From the mischievous smile to the charming personality, Sheheryar can fit the role of Aladdin like a hand in glove.


4. Mohib Mirza as Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog 

Mohib definitely has the charm to play Prince Naveen and rule hearts with his performance.


5. Faisal Qureshi as Kristoff in Frozen 

Faisal would be very successful playing a rugged individualist and a kind of a loner. His own man and the guy who feels he doesn’t need anyone in his life until he manages to fall in love with a princess.


6. Feroze Khan as Beast in Beauty and the Beast 

Feroze is the perfect fit to play a wild and aggressive beast who turns out to be princely and pleasant towards the end and obviously makes the ‘Beauty’ fall in love with him.


7. Fahad Mustafa in and as Peter Pan 

Just like Peter Pan, a mischievous boy who can fly and never grow up, Fahad chooses to do the same and fits the role just right.


8. Mikaal Zulfiqar as John Smith in Pocahontas 

Mikaal can ace the character of John Smith, a handsome young English explorer who is well known for his exploits as an explorer, not to mention his success at fighting savages.


9. Ali Zafar in and as Hercules 

Handsome hunk, Ali, is the sole name that pops to our heads when we think about the all time famous, Hercules. The hair, expressions, physique and personality, Ali is the only Pakistani Hercules.


10. Hamza Ali Abbasi as Flynn Rider in Tangled 

Heartthrob of Disney, Flynn Rider, has stolen many hearts. Hamza is not very different. Heartthrob of Pakistan, Hamza is a perfect Flynn Ryder. And let’s not ignore the resemblance both have – the nose!


11. Fawad Khan as Prince Charming 

‘Prince Charming’ is a stock character who appears in some fairy tales. He is the prince who comes to the rescue of every damsel in distress. Without any doubt, Fawad Khan is the only one who can ace the character of prince charming and is undoubtedly The Prince Charming of Pakistan.


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