11 dead, 60 injured in Parachinar blast

Parachinar: 16 people are dead, 60 injured in a blast in Landa Bazar, Parachinar, Neo Tv reported. “The area is highly sensitive and it has been targeted before by terrorists,” local bureau head reported. According to sources the security forces have surrounded and sealed the area. “Rescue teams have reached the site and the injured are being transferred to the Agency Headquarter hospital,” a reporter on the spot told Neo Tv.“The area is central and the most famous bazaar of Parachinar because of which large number of people comes here for shopping,” the reporter said. “The magnitude of blast was huge and the voice was heard in far away areas,” he added. “The death toll is feared to rise as the 20 people were transferred to the hospital, of which 10 are in critical situation.” The doctors are trying to shift the critical injured to the developed hospitals of Hangu and other nearby areas. According to reports Armed forces have started the search operation in the area. Helicopters are also deployed while the area is sealed according to Political administration.


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